Soilpro Technical Services Sdn Bhd (Co. No. 380315-T)

Last updated on - January 2016

Customers' dynamic association with Soilpro as the approved and recognised geotechnical testing laboratory.


Soilpro's mission is to provide the highest laboratory quality services to customers who effectively rely on geotechnical test data for safe and practical design or assessment.

Soilpro Technical Services Sdn Bhd (Soilpro)

began operation in April 1994 as a partnership and was incorporated as a private limited operation in March 1996. Soilpro's business is in providing geotechnical testing services for the construction industry in Malaysia.  The company specializes in laboratory tests on soil samples from site investigation works and in-situ earthwork control soil tests, that is, soil testing for civil engineering purposes.  The company is commonly identified as a soil laboratory.